Katherine Jenkins wows in stunning maxi dress, we sigh

Katherine Jenkins seems to be on a mission at the moment to look drop dead gorgeous every single time she steps out the house.

Katherine JenkinsKatherine Jenkins looked gorgeous in this blue dress. Copyright [Big Pictures]

Katherine Jenkins not only looked gorgeous at Wimbledon a few days ago, in a white tea dress and baby blue blazer, but she's now done full on evening glamour, too.

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Katherine Jenkins was snapped leaving a restaurant in London's Mayfair in a stunning blue maxi dress  which looked so amazing on the star, that frankly we want to be her. Sigh.

The singer accessorised the blue maxi dress with a silver clutch bag and gold drop earrings.

Katherine JenkinsKatherine Jenkins looked amazing in this blue dress. Copyright [Big Pictures]She wore her hair in a loose bun, and kept her makeup simple, letting the blue in the dress compliment her sparkly eyes.

Katherine Jenkins looked glowing and healthy during her evening out, after months of speculation about her weight.

After her appearance on Dancing With the Stars, Katherine Jenkins dropped so much weight she looked a shadow of her former self.

Katherine JenkinsKatherine Jenkins looked amazing. Copyright [WENN]However, she's revealed that she's enjoying putting the weight back on, saying: "I've always liked being a curvy girl and I'm definitely looking forward to after the show to my body going back a little bit to the way it was.

"It's brilliant the way you tone up, and everything's pulled in and I'm pretty muscular at the moment, but I would like to put a bit of weight on. I can't wait to start eating fish and chips again."