Katherine Jenkins tells fans NOT to buy her music

*WHAT?!?* Stunning singer Katherine Jenkins has pleaded with her fans NOT to buy her latest album.

Yes, that's right, she does not want to make money out of the new release, 'One Fine Day'.
The record is a compilation of old material cleverly repacked and Katherine believes this will con fans.

Katherine JenkinsPeople power: Katherine Jenkins doesn't want her fans to be conned into buying the wrong album /Rex

In response to the release of the album, the star took to Twitter to alert her followers saying:

"Universal Records are putting out YET ANOTHER compilation album of my music.

"Considering that I haven't recorded for them since 2008, there is NO new music and it's stuff you already have."

"Don't want you to feel conned."

Katherine Jenkins twitterTweet tweet: Katherine took to her Twitter page to alert music lovers

The Welsh warbler claims Universal, who she was previously signed to, has created a compilation of old material and nothing new is being released.

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Passionate about her fans' spending habits and musical purchases, the singer does not want them to be duped into buying old tracks. *HEARTS TO KATHERINE*

Katherine left the record label three years ago to join Warner Brothers in a reported £5.8 million deal *KER CHING*. This was also the biggest classical record deal in history.

Katherin Jenkins and Gethin JonesHappy couple: Katherine is engaged to TV presenter Gethin Jones / Rex
In a strategic PR move, Katherine then informed her admirers that her album 'Daydream' with Warner Brothers is the one to spend out on as it features newly-recorded tracks.

Along with plugging her new album in a unique way (by dissing another release), Katherine is gearing up to star in an operatic show, 'A Night To Remember' with Placido Domingo next month.

And that's not all, the lucky lady is planning her wedding to Gethin Jones with a date to be revealed soon (we hope). We wonder if she'll outdo Kim Kardashian's wedding photos…