Kate Moss turns 39, has a QUIET night at the pub! Must be getting old…

Kate Moss turned 39 yesterday and to celebrate went to a quiet pub with her hubby Jamie Hince.

Kate and Jamie went to a quiet pub! Yes, really. Copyright: [Splash]

Hang on a minute, this is THE Kate Moss that you are talking about, right? She hasn't just gone and got some sensible namesake?

Alas, yes THE Kate Moss opted for some calmer birthday celebrations this year and was spotted leaving the pub before dinner time!

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Could she finally be getting *gasp* OLD?!

And husband Jamie Hince made sure his wife was spoiled rotten on her big day but just what do you buy the supermodel who has been given (probably) everything for free?!

Well, a whole bunch of flowers of course.

Mossy was spotted leaving the pub before closing time! Copyright: [Splash]

And we don't mean one bunch, we mean a whole bunch, pretty much a whole florists to be precise.

Jamie is also believed to have arranged a lovely trip to go wine tasting in the Napa valley for Kate.

Again, what is with all the sensibleness?

We like our Mossy with a tequila shot in one hand and her bikini top in the other aboard a yacht in Ibiza.

Plus, if Kate Moss finally grows up then it might just be time for us all...


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