Kate Middleton in labour with the Royal Baby? Twitter goes into meltdown over birth rumours but palace source DENIES it

Kate Middleton is due to give birth to the Royal Baby any day now, but if Twitter's current meltdown is anything to go by, she's currently in labour right now.

Kate Middleton is reportedly in labour right now, with the Royal Baby officially due this Saturday. Copyright  …Speculation began yesterday when an emergency ambulance helicopter was seen arriving at Kensington Palace. However, royal officials confirmed that it was 'categorically' unrelated to the Duchess of Cambridge.

Today, however, the rumours have stepped up a notch with just about everyone on Twitter wildly speculating that a Royal Baby could be with us by the weekend.

One Twitter user said: "Rumour circulating Kate #Middleton has gone into labour #Excited #RoyalBaby"

Even the editor of Mumsnet took to Twitter to say that she was hearing whispers that the Duchess was about to give birth.

However, it seems that the frenzied speculation is just that.

After #BabyCambridge began trending, there were multiple confirmations that a 'palace source' had denied the rumours.

Kate is apparently officially due to give birth this Saturday, but it remains to be seen whether this is her ACTUAL due date, or one fed to the media to throw us all off the scent.

Until then, we're waiting nervously for the Prince or Princess of Cambridge's arrival.