Kate Middleton goes into labour with Royal Baby, celebrities including Cheryl Cole and Kelly Osbourne tweet excitement

Kate Middleton has officially gone into labour with the Royal Baby, and within seconds of the news breaking, celebrities from Kelly Osbourne to Imogen Thomas had taken to Twitter to share their excitement.

Kate Middleton has officially gone into labour, with celebrities instantly wading in to tweet their excitement. …The Duchess of Cambridge was taken to St Mary's hospital at 6 a.m this morning in the early stages of labour and it didn't take long for celebville to react.

Despite being on the other side of the pond, Kelly Osbourne was the first to jump in with her tweet, saying: "Its all so exciting The Royal Baby is on the way!"

Piers Morgan followed suit with a slightly more relaxed statement, saying: "BREAKING NEWS: Duchess of Cambridge in labour - official. "

He continued: "Keep Calm...and Carry On. "

Here in the UK, Imogen Thomas shared her feelings about the impending arrival of the Royal Baby, tweeting: "Kate Middleton in labour! I'm sooooo excited! Boy or girl????! The name???! Can't wait to find out...."

Modern Family actress, Sarah Hyland, is currently in the UK filming her latest movie meaning that Royal Baby fever has hit her hard.

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She said: " UPDATE! Kate Middleton has gone into labor! A royal baby is being born! I repeat! A is being born!!"

She continued: "Hey Kate, itd be great if u could pop out that n the next 7 hrs or so so I could say I was here when the baby was born?Kthanksbye"

Model Danielle Lloyd, who's currently pregnant with her third son, also took to Twitter to share her reaction at the Kate Middleton news.

She said: "": The Duchess of Cambridge has been seen entering St Mary's hospital - keep tuned for updates." So exciting can't wait x"

Former Spice Girl Mel B was next to catch Royal Baby fever, saying: "Whoop whoop the royal baby is comming" [sic]

Our UK reality TV stars were also straight in there with their reactions to the Royal Baby news.

TOWIE's Gemma Collins said: "Oooo excited about the royal baby !!! Xxx have a lovely day tweeps x"

Made in Chelsea's Andy Jordan was asking the question on everyone's lips: "Boy or girl? #RoyalBaby"

His Made in Chelsea co-star Ashley James was also deliberating over the sex of the Royal Baby - and even the name, saying: "I'm going to say girl. Is Diana too obvious?

It wasn't before Cheryl Cole tweeted her excitement too - especially since she has a close connection to the royal family following her work with Prince Charles. Kate also dressed up as her in the Fight For this Love video during her hen do, as well.

Chezza said: "I'm so excited for the royal baby!!"

Pop group Little Mix also shared their excitement for the arrival of the Royal Baby, saying: "So excited for the new Royal baby! What do you think Mixers? A little princess... Or prince! It's so amazing!!! :D Perrie <3"

Made in Chelsea's Binky Felstead has gone against general feeling that the Royal Baby is a girl, saying: "The waiting game! Girl or boy? ... I'm thinking it's going to be a Boy! X"

Despite now living in LA, Cat Deely showed her patriotic side, taking to Twitter to say: "Exciting, on the way xxxx"