Kate Middleton is feeling much better, Prince William by her side: #royalbaby UPDATE!

Pregnant Kate Middleton is reported to be feeling much better since she was admitted to hospital with acute morning sickness.

Kate and Wills are expecting and the world is VERY excited. Copyright: [wenn]

BIG phew, eh?!

While we were incredibly thrilled with the news that Kate had a Royal bun in the oven, we were equally worried when we heard she had been rushed in for special care.

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However, while she will still be feeling grotty, it would seem the worst is over and soon she can go home and enjoy her pregnancy.

However, for now she will remain in hospital under the watchful eye of her doctors.

Kate Middleton in blue dressKate Middleton in her blue dress today. Copyright [Rex]

Prince William has been by his wife's side the whole time, well with breaks for a bit of sleep obvs, and was snapped leaving the hospital on Monday looking rather pensive.

Wills looked pensive leaving the hospital on Monday. Copyright:[Splash]

Meanwhile some experts have suggested the reason behind Kate's acute morning sickness could be because she is expecting TWINS!

Yes, if this happens then always remember you read it here first!

According to pregnancy expert types, women expecting multiple births are more likely to suffer the sickness Kate has been experiencing.

And what is more exciting than one Royal baby? TWO!