Kate Middleton even looks fit in her PE kit at Olympics day 10

Kate Middleton, are you even human? Team omg! are mystified as to how, even in windy conditions and wearing an ill-fitting sports jacket she can still look like she's on a photo shoot.

kate middletonKate Middleton looked gorgeous in the sporty attire. Copyright [PA]

It's no wonder really that she bagged a prince she clearly has magic fashion powers. During the Laser Radial race in Weymouth today the Duchess of Cambridge donned a Team GB waterproof jacket to watch the latest water-based race in the Olympics.

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She teamed the somewhat oversized patriotic jacket in red white and blue with skinny jeans and prevented her hair from flying about in her face by pulling it back into a pretty ponytail.

kate middletonKate wore her hair in a sophisticated ponytail. Copyright [PA]

The royal added a touch of femininity to the look with pear studded earrings and at times wore her A-list style sunglasses.

kate middletonThe Duchess also shared a joke with Team GB's sailors. Copyright [Getty]

And because she's a practical sort of girl she even grabbed her hubbie's binoculars for the occasion.

kate middletonKate made sure she got a good view of the race. Copyright [PA]

To ensure she got the best view possible the stunning brunette used the accessory to catch all of the action — and we imagine they're the same pair Prince William used yesterday to get a good view of the handball.

kate middletonKate looked as if she was having a great time. Copyright [Getty]

Pretty much every day, K-Middy has shown support for Team GB at the Olympics proving that she takes her royal role very seriously and seems to be having an incredible time too.

If there was a competition for perfectness Kate would win gold - (sorry!)