Kate Lawler: A very unlikely but AMAZING bikini crush

*Random girl crush alert* in the form of vintage Big Brother winner Kate Lawler.

Kate Lawler, bikini, Twitter, dietKate Lawler made us girl crush with this Twitpic. Copyright [Twitter/Kate Lawler]Nice to finally know where she has been this past decade - down the gym.

It might be chucking it down over here but not in sunny Ibiza where the unlikely fitty has whipped off her clothes and kindly taken to Twitter to share the evidence.

Severe body envy right now.

It's snaps like this that make us want to permanently chain ourselves to the nearest treadmill and boycott Krispy Kreme.

Not that Kate seems to be dodging the cakes to look as buff as she does. After the inevitable flood of comments from fans of her amazing bod, Kate replied to one with: "You should see my tummy right now I've just eaten 5 bags of crisps and 14 oreo cookies. ‪#bloated"

Bloated? We honestly reckon we could grate cheese on those abs, the lucky lady.

Kate Lawler, bikini, dietWe reckon you could grate cheese on those abs, Kate Lawler. Copyright [Twitter/Kate Lawler]

What we want to know now is just how can we get a tummy of steel like that? According to Kate it's all down to a bit of dog walking and dusting… Oh, and 45 minutes with a personal trainer.

The reality TV star revealed her keep fit secrets on Twitter, tweeting: "60 minutes walking everyday with my doggies! Lots of housework and one 45 minute session a week with a personal trainer"

OK, so all we need is a personal trainer. Can ours be Harry Styles?

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Plus, Kate provided us with further evidence that just about the world and it's BFF is still reading the apparently oh so saucy '50 Shades of Grey' (which reminds us… we definitely will start it tonight…) as she casually dropped in on Twitter that rather than it being her holiday reading, it is her mum's!

She posted: "Mum just told me she's off to bed to read ‪#50shadesofGrey. Horrific."

Indeed, LOLZ!

Have a great holiday Kate and be sure to send us loads more bikini snaps to drool over… as long as we don't get too much more jealous.

Ps: the bikini is from ASOS, and yes, we are getting one in our lunch break too.

Pps: Kate later tweeted this rather healthy looking brekkie. What was that she was saying about 14 Oreos?

Kate Lawler, bikini, dietThat doesn't look like five packets of crisps, Kate. Copyright [Twitter/Kate Lawler]