From Justin Timberlake to Olly Murs, we reveal the biggest omg! moments from our first year

Here at Yahoo! omg! we're celebrating our first birthday. Over the past year, we've had some pretty jaw dropping, shocking, exciting, generally flipping amazing moments.

Olly MursOlly Murs with team omg! Copyright [Yahoo! omg]From flirting with Olly Murs, to making Justin Timberlake blush, here are the biggest omg! moments from our first year. *pops open champagne*

1.    The moment we flirted with Olly Murs

Olly MursTeam omg! with Olly Murs. Copyright [Yahoo! omg!]Every so often we meet a celeb who has such charisma that we can't help but get our flirt on. Olly Murs was one of those celebrities. His first trip into Yahoo! omg! HQ saw us have a pretend date with him, where he taught us to play pool — and then kiss us. The second involved us asking us to rate his sexual performance out of ten. He gave himself an 'eight, because there's always room for improvement.' Cue us giggling/blushing/fancying the pants off him.

2.    The moment we made Justin Timberlake blush

Justin TimberlakeWe made Justin Timberlake blush. No biggie. Copyright [WENN]We do love a modest celebrity, especially when they're as hot as Justin Timberlake. Normally we'd expect a gorgeous A list star to be confident about their appearance, but when we told him that our favourite scenes from his movie In Time were the ones where he was topless, he came over all shy. He said to us: "Can you ask me the next question because I'm starting to blush."

3.    The moment Cheryl Cole retweeted us…and then spoke to us

Cheryl Cole TwitterCheryl Cole retweeted on of our stories about her. Copyright [Twitter]Our biggest girl crush is undoubtedly Cheryl Cole, and she's provided us with two huge omg! moments this year. The first was when Chez retweeted one of our articles about her. When we wrote a story about how she was our favourite celebrity Tweeter, the singer hit RT and made us squeal, jump up and down and generally cause commotion in the office. Then, a few months later we saw Cheryl in the flesh at the Capital Summer Time Ball where she made a surprise appearance. At this point we pretty much fainted.

4.    The moment Mr omg! joined the team

One DirectionMr omg! has met just about every celebrity around. Copyright [Yahoo! omg!]During our first week as Team omg! we had a brainwave (over a few cocktails) to introduce a Yahoo! omg! mascot to take with us on all our celebrity adventures. omg!'s Becs then made a trip to Hamley's where she found the perfect mascot, Mr omg! Over the next few weeks we dressed him up in his own little T shirt and took him all over London. He's met every celebrity from One Direction to JLS, and he even conducted his own interview with The Muppets.

5.    The moments we gave YOU omg! moments

We love our readers, so we try to give you the opportunity to have omg! moments too. Over the past year, we've had competition winners interview Taylor Lautner and Zac Efron on the red carpet, hang out with Fearne Cotton and Olly Murs, and interview Jedward. We do like to spread the love.

6.    The moment we pulled a *shocked face* at The Wanted's antics

The Wanted pose unsually with Mr omg! Copyright [Yahoo! omg!We always knew The Wanted were cheeky chappies, but we've now got to know them for their crazy antics. The first time we met them, Mr omg! ended up being shoved down Nathan Sykes' pants. The second time, they sang us a song and flicked underwear at us. It's a good job they're so damn hot.

7.    The moment(s) we challenged fit boys to do funny stuff

One of the best parts of our job is definitely getting to meet fit male celebrities. And it's even better when we can challenge them to do funny things. When we met JLS we asked them to shove cream crackers in their mouths and do press ups. We've also challenged Joey Essex, Tom Pearce and Little Chris from TOWIE to do our Macho Test. In other words, an excuse for us to giggle at their efforts.

8.    The moment we walked the red carpet at Katy Perry's film premiere

omg!'s Julia and Ellie at the Katy Perry premiere. Copyright [Yahoo! omg!]Over the past year we've spent a lot of time with a microphone and camera waiting to interview the stars as they shimmy up the red carpet. However, at the Katy Perry Part of Me 3D premiere we were allowed to get dolled up and walk the red carpet ourselves, go inside the cinema, watch Katy Perry introduce the film AND watch it all in one evening. Uh-may-zing.

9.    The moment we were commended for our Twitter

Team omg! before the Online Media Awards. Copyright [Yahoo! omg!]We took being nominated for Best Twitter Feed at the Online Media Awards as an excuse to have the afternoon off. We had spray tans in the office, slipped into Lipsy dresses and made our way to the amazing venue to sip champagne. However, when it came to announcing the winners, our jaws dropped when we were given a Commendation for our Twitter account. Cue lots more champagne and a LOT of squealing from team omg!

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Team omg! with our commendation certificate. Copyright [Yahoo! omg!]10.    The moment we were touched/kissed by…

omg!'s Julia with Bradley Cooper. Copyright [Yahoo! omg!]Over the past year we've touched/kissed quite a few celebrities. Remembering them all is a rather enjoyable task, so here goes... Olly Murs, JLS, The Wanted, One Direction, The TOWIE boys, Bradley Cooper, Matthew Morrison, Amy Childs, The Saturdays, Lucien, Big Time Rush, Millie Mackintosh, Jedward…we know, it's a tough job but someone has to do it.