Justin Timberlake to marry Jessica Biel this weekend, and first dance to ‘N Sync?!

Justin Timberlake is reported to be planning a very special performance for his wedding day, which is believed to be taking place this weekend.

Justin and Jess are believed to be getting hitched this weekend! Copyright: [wenn]

Justin is said to be dusting off his old 'N Sync moves hoping to impress his bride Jessica Biel with a routine of his old hit It's Gonna Be Me.

YouTube it — it will all come flooding back we promise.

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A source told The Sun: "Justin has been working on this for months," Yes, months, "Jessica used to love the track growing up and he wants it to be a special treat."

It's believed his ushers will fill in for his old 'N Sync band mates.

Justin proposed to Jess in December last year. Copyright: [wenn]

"It's going to be very tongue in cheek, there will be loads of exaggerated boy band moves and pose. She's going to love it."

Yes, because everyone knows that what every bride wants on their big day is 'exaggerated boy band moves', they come right after the cake and the bouquet.

However, we suppose it could be funny, kind of like those couples who launch into Thriller… even though we all know they are really doing it to avoid slow dancing in front of their nearest and dearest.

We just hope we haven't spoiled the surprise.

Justin and Jessica are believed to be tying the knot this weekend in Italy.

A source told the New York Post: "The wedding is happening outside of Naples in a tiny town this week. It is their favourite place, a location that is very special to them."

Don't worry, we are already very much on picture watch.