Are Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel planning their first baby? Check out our evidence…

Jessica Biel has announced that she will be 'taking a break' which has led us to only one conclusion...

Jessica Biel's loving being married to Justin Timberlake! - 04 DecemberThey haven't been married long, but Jessican Biel reveals she's loving being the wife of Justin Timberlake - and she's giving up films for a while. Could she be pregnant?

Justin Timberlake, Jessica BielJustin Timberlake and Jessica Biel married in October. Copyright [Rex]

She is almost definitely getting ready to join the pudding club!

Yep, we reckon then when Jess says 'time off' she means 'time in' with her new hubby Justin Timberlake as they get ready to start a family.

Well, they just got married so what do you expect?

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While promoting her new film Hitchcock, Jess let slip of her plans to take some much needed time off:

Jessica told a reporter: "It's nice to have a minute. After this, the bar is so high, so what do you do? I'm taking a break."

Justin Timberlake, Jessica BielThe A-listers got married in Italy in October. Copyright [Rex]

Plus, it's believed that Jess is currently as in demand as she has ever been as an actress, so it's a surprise she would chose to take a break now.

Unless she was getting ready to pop out a little celeb sprog, that is!

We just hope Justin can get enough time off too!

Jessica and Justin married in October in a beautiful ceremony in Italy.

So check your watches and in about nine months, don't say we didn't tell you so!