Justin Bieber vs District3′s Dan Ferrari Lane: Battle of the iPhone abs!

Justin Bieber has whipped his top off to reveal a, dare we say it, rather pleasing physique.

Argh, we fancy Justin Bieber! Copyright: [Twitter]

He shared the picture yesterday via his Instagram account.

Yep, we actually quite fancy Justin Bieber right now which is very confusing for all involved.

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However, we reckon us Brits have our own iPhone snapped abs offering to contend with the Bieber.

Namely, Dan Ferrari Lane, one of the fittest things about this year's X Factor.

Hands up who reckons Dan should take his top off more often? Copyright: [Twitter]

It's raining, it's the weekend so we reckon you deserve a treat.

How could we possibly forget the moment Dan lifted up his shirt to reveal six very fit reasons to vote District3?

Sadly, Dan spent too much time *in* his shirt and District3 were voted off the X Factor a couple of weeks ago.

However, both Justin and Dan are very much single and ready to mingle!

Who gets your vote? Copyright: [Twitter]

But we are pretty sure they won't have too much of a hard time on the singles market.

District3 recently told The Sun: "We are all single and there was a strict rule on the show that you have to keep it in your pants."

But now they are off the show?

"Obviously, we are keeping focused and professional — this is our career that we have to think about — but don't get us wrong, anything else is a bonus."

"And if a sexy lady threw herself at us, we would be straight on it."

While Justin told Macleans.ca: "I've been working out in the gym, getting bigger, trying to get sexy for the ladies."

Well, congrats on achieving your goal Biebs!