Justin Bieber ‘urinates his initials in snow’ while on snowboarding trip, here we go again

He’s already been caught urinating into a mop bucket.
Justin Bieber reportedly urinated his initials into the snow while in Aspen. Copyright [Instagram]
And now Justin Bieber can add freshly fallen snow to his list of things he’s relieved himself on.

The 19-year-old pop star, who is currently on a snowboarding holiday in Aspen, was reportedly travelling in a motorcade of Escalades when he decided he could no longer hold off going to the toilet.

TMZ reports that the pint sized popstar chose a private road to do his business while surrounded by his bodyguards.

But with Bieber being Bieber, he allegedly couldn’t resist the temptation of writing his initials in the snow with his urine.

And as you can see below, he has surprisingly good penmanship.

Justin Bieber's signature in the snow. Copyright [Splash/TMZ]

While on his trip, Justin has been posting a series of videos and images of his escapades in Aspen.

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Clearly picking up the snowboarder lingo, Bieber captioned a picture of himself in his snow gear: “Find me shredding on the mountain ♛”

And ‘shredding on the mountain’ is exactly what he did – showing off his snowboarding ability in a video.The trip comes after Justin’s house was raided by the police in search of evidence to connect him to an egg attack on his neighbour's house.

Justin wasn’t, however, arrested or detained on any charges.

According to reports, Justin and his friends caused $20,000 worth of damage to the building.

In California if damage exceeds $400 it is considered felony vandalism, so if Justin is ever convicted he could face prison time.

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