Justin Bieber's Twitter retweet causes jealous fan backlash for British teen. Ouch.

You would have thought a Twitter retweet from Justin Bieber would signal a pretty good day in social networking terms. Perhaps a few followers, a bit of kudos.

But one teenager is now wishing the popstar had never engaged with her on Twitter - after she felt the full force of fan jealously on the social networking site.

British teen Courtney Barrasford fell victim to a torrent of Belieber abuse when the Canadian star - who has 35 million followers - retweeted her post: "Not a really a fan of Justin Bieber but his acoustic album is actually good!"

Within minutes of Justin acknowledging her tweet, she had been flooded with messages of hate from fans across the world who felt she didn't deserve the retweet as she wasn't a fan.

One tweeter posted: "You ain't even a f***ing belieber and you got RT'd by Justin and you aren't even showing a little excitement? Wow.. @Courtney_CB"

While Smile Justin♥♥ ‏@YamellSwaggy added: "Justin shouldnt RT people like @Courtney_CB she doesnt even care......."

The hate got so bad that Courtney threatened to leave Twitter, posting: "So tempted to delete twitter and no I'm not saying this for attention!"

And before long she was getting death threats and gossip made up about her and the 19-year-old singer.

She told the Daily Mail: "It started to get worse as more people found out. I had things like “you’re not a fan, go kill yourself."

And things got really weird when they started creating rumours about the pair.

She added: "So far things hadn’t got to me. But then they started saying I was pregnant with his child, and that my child would be a prostitute."

The schoolgirl was even forced to tweet a denial: "You and Justin are so cute together congratulations about they baby b... — We are not a couple and im not pregnant."