Justin Bieber is a lucky guy – check out Selena Gomez in a bikini

Justin Bieber is lusted after by almost every teenage girl (and a few cougar types too) around the world so it makes perfect sense that he's dating an equally as gorgeous girl.

sleena gomezSelena Gomez joins Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Jensen and Rachel Korine in her bikini. Copyright [Facebook/Spring …

Selena Gomez, who bagged Bieber for her beau has once again proved her perfectness as she posed in a mismatched bikini for her new movie, Spring Breakers.

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Looking every inch the teen with attitude (the part she plays in the movie) the brunette folds her arms but she can't hide her killer physique.

spring breakersSpring Breakers sees Selena Gomez and her co-stars get arrested. Copyright [Facebook/Spring Breakers]

Clad in a coral bikini top and aquamarine bottoms Selena puts her hot bod on show as she coquettishly tilts her head to one side.

And this isn't the only visual treat for male omg! readers, the singer and actress stands next to a trio of talent with a blonde Vanessa Hudgens in a pink two piece.

spring breakersThe girls chill with James Franco. Copyright [Facebook/Spring Breakers]

She's joined by Ashley Jensen in a Barbie pink bikini and a lean looking Rachel Korine who rocks hot pink hair (Katy Perry would be proud).

This photo forms part of a set of snaps uploaded to the Spring Breakers Facebook page that shows the girls' characters getting arrested.

spring breakersThe girls look gorgeous in the new movie. Copyright [Facebook/Spring Breakers]

Another sees the bikini-clad beauties pose with their co-star James Franco in his sports car followed by the obligatory 'fun' photo.

We simply dream of looking this hot in a bikini *sighs*