Justin Bieber hits on Victoria’s Secret models? We bet Selena Gomez isn’t a happy girl

On Wednesday Justin Bieber looked rather pleased after he found himself surrounded by beautiful models during his performance at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Justin enjoyed his co-stars company during and after the fashion show. [Wenn]

However, now it seems that Justin couldn't resist getting to know the models a little better, asking them for their phone numbers at the after show party.

What about your beautiful girlfriend Selena Gomez eh Justin?

According to Page Six, an eye witness saw Justin 'asking for phone numbers from the girls' during the show and at the after party.

The source also added: "He was hitting on the girls all day. He was asking for their numbers."

Despite speculation, Justin and Selena are allegedly still together. [Wenn]

Despite the reports, Justin told the press during the show that he was focused on his performance rather than the models that surrounded him.

He said: "I'm pretty focused. I'm like 98 percent focused. Two percent focus is on the chicks."

Well from the sounds of things these percentages may have changed somewhat come the after party.

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Justin Bieber recently posted a set of cryptic pictures on his Twitter account sparking speculation that he and girlfriend Selena Gomez may have broken up.

Underneath one image, Justin put the caption: 'Lingse' which fans quickly worked out was an anagram for single.

If Selena and Justin have in fact gone their separate ways then by all means Justin, ask for as many models' numbers as you want.

But if they are still an item, we can't imagine that Selena was left feeling best pleased with her boyfriend.