Justin Bieber falls prey to the world’s worst trousers, following Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Justin Bieber is the latest celeb to fall prey to the lure of the world's worst trousers, following in the awfully leather clad footsteps of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Justin is the latest to fall prey to the world's worst trousers. Copyright:[rex]

Yes, the world's worst trousers are sweeping celeb land by storm and the body count continues to rise.

Three victims already but just who might be next? Copyright: [wenn]

First it was Kanye West who stepped out in the awful creations, he said yes but fashion said no.

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They quickly claimed another victim after Kanye seemingly lended them to his girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

Kim tried her best with the world's worst trousers but sadly couldn't beat them. Copyright: [wenn]

Kim's efforts with the world's worst trousers fared no better and she looked equally as ridic stepping out in the leather harem pants.

And now Justin Bieber has fallen faux to the lure of the awful low crotched leather disasters — bringing the worrying condition overseas.

While we applaud Justin for taking on the world's worst trousers, we hate to say we think he hasn't managed to beat them yet.

Stepping outside at our very own Radio One, the world's worst trousers have landed in Britain and we are already worried for our UK celebs.

Clothing which appears to be crafted from a dodgy bin bag just never is going to work.

The question is: just who will be the next victim?