Justin Bieber ends interview after question about One Direction’s Harry Styles

Justin Bieber isn't one to take a joke lightly it seems as he slammed the phone down on an interviewer in America after being asked about One Direction hottie, Harry Styles.

justin bieberJustin Bieber ended an interview after being asked about Harry Styles. Copyright [WENN]

During a chat with a Detroit radio show called, Mojo In The Morning, Justin Bieber was asked about One Direction to which the Canadian crooner referred to as 'good kids'.

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The next question was a bit more below the mark and asked — Do you worry about Harry around your mum, since he likes older women.

harry stylesTHe mention of Harry Styles' penchant for older women appeared to offend Justin. Copyright [Twitter/Harry Styl …

Justin asked for the question to be repeated before replying: "I think you should worry about your mum, though."

To add to the awkwardness the radio  DJ said his  mum was dead which prompted the star to hang up.

justin bieberJustin hung up the phone after a joke appeard to go too far. Copyright [WENN]

After failing to reconnect to the star, the interview was ended a later the singer's management said that he was a 'little upset' by the questions.

The radio station defended their actions saying Justin's girlfriend Selena Gomez had openly said they'd become friends with One Direction.

The brunette told a US talk show that Justin had jokingly said they needed to keep their mums away because they're hot and young for Harry."

Ooooh — we wonder what Harry makes of all this.