Justin Bieber was DUMPED by Selena Gomez following *those* Barbara Palvin rumours

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had split after two years together and today it has been reported that it was Selena who gave Justin the boot!

Justin took Barbara to the theatre last week. Copyright: [rex]

When the news broke, the reasons behind the split were unclear - with most sources suggesting it was down to 'busy schedules'.

Ah yes, that old celeb chestnut we did think, was it by any chance also a 'mutual decision'?!

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Now it is reported that it was, in fact, Selena who dumped Justin after she found she just couldn't trust him anymore.

Selena's fears were worsened when the news emerged that Justin had taken a Victoria's Secret model to the theatre.

Not exactly the type of girl that you would want your boyfriend taking to the theatre. Copyright: [rex]

Now, we think this must be the celeb equivalent of seeing your ex with a really hot new girlfriend, only ten billion times worse because this girl is a flippin' lingerie model.

While the model, a certain Barbara Palvin, reckons it was all innocent we can't imagine Selena was too chuffed.

A source told The Sun: "Selena broke up with Justin a week ago. They were apart so much that it got complicated. She had some trust issues."

"It's not easy but the relationship needed to end."

"She found it deperately difficult to split up because she loves him so much."

Aww, poor old Selena, we just hope she made the right decision.