Justin Bieber dedicates new tattoo to his Mum, that’s one way to get her approval

Justin Bieber has revealed a brand new inking on his chest, dedicating it to one very important woman in his life.

Justin unveiled his new tattoo. Copyright [Instagram/ Justin Bieber]

And no, we’re not talking about his recently estranged ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Nope, Justin, 18, has instead decided to get his new tattoo in honour of his Mum, Pattie Mallette.

The chest tattoo boasts the Roman numerals I IX VII V which as luck would have it is also Pattie’s date of birth, 2 April 1975.

Sweet, but we can’t help thinking that this was just a clever way of getting his Mum to approve of the tattoo.

Well played young man.

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Justin Bieber is currently nursing a broken heart after definitively splitting from his long term girlfriend Selena Gomez last month.

And it seems that Selena, 20, has put an end to any hope Justin may have had about the two getting back together.

Josh and Selena at the party. Copyright: [wenn]

The actress was spotted getting up close and personal with ‘The Hunger Games’ actor Josh Hutcherson at the Golden Globes after party.

A source revealed: “Selena and Josh left the Beverly Hilton together. Justin is in no way on her mind whatsoever."

Oh well Justin, there’s plenty more fish in the sea.

On a side note, we didn’t realise that Mr Worldwide aka Pitball was a rapper AND a tattoo artist.

He’s clearly a man of many talents.

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