Justin Bieber has breathing difficulties on stage, forced to leave the stage to see emergency doctor

Justin Bieber was forced to see an emergency doctor after experiencing breathing difficulties in the middle of his London show earlier this evening.

Justin performing puke-free on Monday. Copyright: [wenn]

A fan tweeted saying how a breathless Justin reportedly puked up there on stage before having to leave the stage for ten minutes.

However, other sources say he wasn't actually sick rather just bent over struggling for breath.

Before leaving, Justin allegedly told the audience: "I'm not usually this out of breath" before reportedly rushing off stage

Earlier on in the night, a member of the audience tweeted that things didn't seem right with Justin, saying:

"Broken mic, very breathless walking up the stairs on stage and now this. Something's weird tonight..."

His manager Scooter Braun and Jaden Smith then came on stage to tell fans that Justin would be back shortly.

Justin after he finally managed to turn up on Monday night. Copyright: [rex]

A source at the gig tweeted, saying: "Scooter and Jaden Smith come on stage to tell the audience Justin will be back to finish the show. But he's been advised to see a doc asap."

However, never one to disappoint his Beliebers Justin was BACK on stage within ten minutes to finish his set.

In the meantime the audience was played a DJ set.

After returning to the stage Justin is believed to have appeared to still be worse for wear and reportedly even resorted to miming.

A source at the gig tweeted: "Look at him, dancing is half hearted and isn't he miming now?!"

Justin Bieber went out in a gas mask to a Chinese restuarant... as you do. Copyright: [Splash]

The news comes just days after Bieber, 19, sparked outrage after he was two hours late to the stage, leaving fans stranded after many ended up missing the last train.

Plus, to add to the Bieber weirdness he was spotted out yesterday walking into a Chinese restaurant wearing a gas mask.

This was just days after wandering through London shirtless despite the super cold temperatures.

We hate to say it, but we really are starting to worry about Justin.

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