Julia Channel: One Minute Gossip

We had a One Minute Gossip with hot new model turned popstar Julia Channel. Here's how it went...

We had a One Minute Gossip with Julia Channel

1. Describe yourself in three words: caring, positive, focused

2. What's the best advice someone in the industry's given you? The best advice came from my previous music producer , he always told me to never give up even if some doors are closed, to keep doing my thing no matter what and above all train my voice every day.

3. Tell us your celebrity crush: I don't really have one, but if I had to choose someone I'd say Robert de Niro, he's my favourite actor of all time and he has a lot of charisma.

4. Who's the most famous person in your phone? Got few :-) but would say musically it's David Guetta

5. When was the last time you told someone you loved them and who was it? This morning , to my little daughter

6. What was the last lie you told? I told my daughter that if she eats all her vegetables she will have long hair like Rapunzel :-)

7. What's your secret hangover cure? Straight after a big party , I drink some black radish juice (it detoxes the liver) followed by 1 alka-selzer, then in the morning I drink freshly squeezed lemon juice and loads of water. I must say it works very well .

8. What's your favourite sandwich filling? avocado, salad, crayfish and balsamic vinaigrette

9. What's your random grooming/beauty tip? Laugh as much as possible, drink a lot of water, every morning a lemon juice with hot water, always remove make-up before going to bed, a good night and a healthy sex life for a healthy glow

10. Tell us your biggest omg! moment... I think it was few years ago, i was home when the phone rang, it was Timbaland!

Julia's new single 'Forever in A Day' is out NOW

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