Josie Gibson gets nearly naked, poses topless and opens up about her boob job and her [harsh] on/off boyfriend's comments

Josie Gibson has stripped completely naked for a photo shoot to chat about her upcoming boob job and her hash on/off boyfriend's comments concerning her weight loss.

Josie Gibson got totally naked for new! mag. Copyright: [new!]

Josie says she is still planning to have surgery following more mean comments from her estranged boyfriend, Luke Sanwo, who has now told her that her boobs 'look like a Neanderthals'.

Speaking to new! mag, the BB winner revealed: "I went to the National History Museum a few weeks ago and Luke pointed out that my t**s looked like a Neanderthal's.

"That's when I thought 'He's right. I've got to do something about it'."

Er, after comments like that we think she'd be better off doing something about her boyfriend rather than her boobs.

We wonder if it's any coincidence the pair are currently taking a break from their relationship despite still living together?

Josie Gibson's boyfriend says he wouldn't mind her having a boob job after her weight loss. Copyright: [Love It! …

Nonetheless, Josie has vowed to go up to a 34D (despite initially saying she only wanted to go up to a 34C).

She added: "I love being slim but I hate not having any boobs any more. I used to love it when they'd bob up and down when I ran, but now they're just saggy skin and they're not even a handful."

We actually hate that Jodie feels like she HAS to go under the knife, in fact could someone please have a word?

She looks incredible after losing a whopping six stone in six months and the idea of getting surgery after all that is just plain unnecessary.

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Charlotte Crosby is obviously chuffed with her dramatic weight loss. Copyright: [Instagram]
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