Josie Gibson gets naked, says she is obsessed with weighing herself and terrified of getting fat again

Josie Gibson continues to show off her amazing weight loss, this time losing ALL her clothes for a butt naked photo shoot.

Josie got naked for heat mag. Copyright: [heat]

To be honest, she looks incredible and if we had lost six stone in six months we would probably be quite keen to whip off our clothes too.

However, after Josie posed in her pants for another mag last week there was talk that she was getting TOO skinny, however the BB star insists that that is not the case.

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In fact, Josie who went from 16st 7lb and a size 18 to 10st 2lb and a size 8, has vowed to lose even MORE weight: “There’s no way I’m too skinny!” she says.

Josie, who’s 5ft 10, says:“It’s ridiculous people saying that I’m too thin but, the other day, I read I was 6st, which isn’t true."

"I’ve still got bits I want to work on, I want to lose more weight.”

Josie faced a backlash after she posed in her pants last week. Copyright: [Closer]

And somewhat worryingly Josie also told the mag that she is terrified of putting the weight back on.

Josie says: “I weigh myself every day because I’m so frightened of getting fat again.”

We say Josie should relax and enjoy her new body because she looks great.

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