Josie Gibson continues to show off weight loss, our post-Christmas diets aren’t going so well

Josie Gibson is clearly absolutely loving her amazing new figure, showing off her toned curves at any opportunity.

Josie GibsonJosie Gibson was out last night looking amazing. Copyright [WENN]Not that we can blame her. Josie Gibson has worked blimmin' hard to lose so much weight - a whopping four stone to be exact.

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We'd like to say our post-Christmas diets are going as well as this, but that would be a massive lie.

Josie Gibson was out and about last night dressed in a bright yellow body con dress which clung to her frame perfectly.

Josie GibsonJosie Gibson has lost 4 stone. Copyright [WENN]She posed for cameras with her hands on her hips, showing off the full extent of her weight loss.

Earlier in the evening, Josie tweeted a photo of herself trying on the skin tight dress, saying that she was 'in love' with it. Yep, we can see why. She looks amazing.

Josie GibsonJosie Gibson tweeted this photo of her new dress before going out. Copyright [Josie Gibson]Just before Christmas Josie hit her target weight and was fitting into size 10 clothes.

And it seems she didn't do much pigging out over Christmas either. We wish we could say the same for ourselves.

What's more, Josie recently revealed that she doesn't even crave unhealthy foods after losing all the weight.

Josie Gibson also tweeted this photo of her with her fiance, Luke. Copyright [Josie Gibson]The former Big Brother star said: "'I spent months at the start of my health kick craving all things sweet and my old diet. But now, hand on heart, I'll choose a bit of sushi over a lamb doner any day."

She continued: "It's taken me over six months to lose nearly 4st and I couldn't be prouder of myself."

You go, girl.

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