Joseph Gordon-Levitt VIDEO – watch his cute attempt to understand what a crumpet is

When hot American stars like Joseph Gordon-Levitt  grace UK shores team omg! are the first in there to interview them, although it doesn't always go smoothly…

Especially when there are language barriers to overcome, yes even with our friends across the pond this can happen.

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We sent our Movies Editor, Orlando to poise our most poignant question to Joseph while he promoted his latest flick, The Dark Knight Rises.

After describing the gorgeous actor as 'the thinking-girls crumpet' the cutest conversation emerged….

Joseph said: "The thinking girls crumpet? What's a crumpet? Is it a scone kind of thing?"

As we tried to explain what it was, Joseph got more confused asking: "Is it a savory scone?
What they put chicken in it?"

joseph gordon levittJoseph was confused when we called him a crumpet! Copyright [WENN]

After some confusion and a fair amount of laughter he finally said: "It's very flattering thank you."

After the awkwardness our interviewer apologised which the lovely Joseph took with even more humour adding: "It was good man, it was a good fit."

Bless! We also caught up with the star on the red carpet and he told us he regrets saying pretty girls can't be funny.

He defended himself saying: "Sometimes words come out wrong and sometimes that happens to be in front of thousands of people."

Don't worry JGL we still love you!