Joseph Gordon-Levitt says pretty girls CAN be funny, but just not our jokes!

Last night, we chatted to Joseph Gordon-Levitt ahead of the super exciting Dark Knight Rises premiere.

Finally, we totally get what you all have been crushing over and totally fell for Joseph as soon as he opened his mouth.

Not that he fell in love with our jokes, telling us: "I am sure you are capable of better jokes than that!".  So yeah, cringe, something was almost definitely lost in translation. Our jokes are great…

However, our second attempt got Joseph laughing and that pretty much made our night. Until we got to chat to Morgan Freeman, anyway.

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Making a stand for girls everywhere, we quizzed Joseph about recent comments he made when he claimed pretty girls can't be funny.

Joseph was apologetic and explained how in fact he was trying to pay his costar, Emily Blunt, a compliment!

"Sometimes words come out wrong and sometimes that happens to be in front of thousands of people"

Yeah, we want to say we know what he means, but we reckon the only equivalent we have is a drunken tweet.

He carried on: "It's embarrassing and I do apologise. What I was trying to get at is that girls in our culture do tend to get pigeonholed. I was trying, and failing, to pay my costar in Looper, Emily Blunt, a compliment in that she succeeded in avoiding those traps."

We think we know what he means: people assume if you are pretty, you are also not the brightest.

He finished by saying: "Even though Emily is a very good looking woman, she is so funny and plays such a badass and strong woman in Looper."

Thanks Joseph, glad you cleared that up for us!

Joseph is a fitty. That is all. Copyright: [rex]