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Joey Essex and Sam Faiers will NEVER get back together after their split, they're both officially single... according to TOWIE's Diags - EXCLUSIVE

Joey Essex and Sam Faiers might be hinting at a possible romantic reunion following their split TOWIE - but apparently it's all for show.

Sam Faiers and Joey Essex won't be getting back together, it's official. Copyright [ITV2]

The pair definitely won't be getting back together, according to Diags, who says the pair are simply "unhealthy" when they're together.

Speaking at the Yahoo! Wireless Festival launch party, Diags exclusively told us: "I think Joey wants to be friends but he knows that them two together is unhealthy, they just argue all the time."

According to the 21-year-old, Joey is so much happier following his split, but he's desperate for things to remain civil.

Diags revealed: "He wants to be friends, he doesn’t want it to get bitter but he wants to stay mates. He doesn’t want to get back together, though, he is much happier single."

Sam Faiers and Joey Essex have been trying to work things out following their split. Copyright [ITV2]

During last night's TOWIE episode, Joey could be seen telling Tom Pearce, "I really miss her", before Sam asked him to take her engagement ring back.

And despite apparently blabbing to Diags that the pair won't get back together, Joey told Sam: "You mean something to me, that don't mean anything."

Meanwhile, Diags says he and Abi Clarke are set to go on another date soon, joking with omg! that he's happy she doesn't "just fancy me because I'm famous".

TOWIE's Diags attended the Yahoo! Wireless launch party with Lydia Bright. Copyright [Andrew Timms]

He joked: "The first [date] went OK, I think. They don’t just fancy me because I’m famous, it’s my shining personality coming through! Surely. No?

"It’s a lot of pressure dating on TV, especially considering I don’t date in real life, I’m even more nervous! I’d like to see Abi again, I think she’s a nice girl, I’d like to see how it works out."

MIC's Caggie Dunlop at the Yahoo! Wireless launch party. Copyright [Andrew Timms]
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Thu, Jun 20, 2013 15:00 BST

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