Jodie Marsh is STILL trending (Cheryl Cole who?)

With Cheryl Cole making a rather glamourous public re-appearance this week at the Pride of Britain awards in THAT Victoria Beckham dress, you'd have thought all the chat would be about her.

But it's Jodie Marsh who has drawn the biggest amount of celebrity gossip after she unveiled her new bodybuilder physique.

Jodie Marsh has sent Twitter into a frenzy with her new look/Tim Sharp Twitter

The glamour model had Twitter and Facebook all in a frenzy yesterday - as people gasped and gawped at her new mega muscly look.

And the story is showing no sign of going anywhere soon as it was STILL trending this morning.

The 32-year-old's appearance on This Morning today is bound to keep the tweeters tweeting, as she told Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby she was "100% natural", denying she'd taken any drugs to achieve her new defined look.

She said: "It's absolutely not chemically assisted. All of the [bodybuilding] shows are natural. If you get caught you get banned for life. I'm 100% natural and proud of that."

Jodie dropped from a size 10 to a 6 and gained huge amounts of muscle on trainer Tim Sharp's 50-day regime.

Jodie Marsh has completely transformed her body/Tim Sharp Twitter

And she said she feels better than ever: "I feel sexy, amazing, I'm buzzing every day. I can't believe it's my body."

And she revealed there's another reason why she loves bodybuilding. She confessed: "The bodybuilding men are gorgeous. My eyes were just falling out of my head. I took about five phone numbers."

And when we last checked tweets were still flooding into the #jodiemarsh hashtag.

@laurasavvas tweeted: "absolute LOL that #jodiemarsh is trending still......she looks HIDEOUS! #mess"