Jodie Marsh's skull heels on This Morning should have come with a health and safety warning

Jodie Marsh might be embarking on serious business with this whole 'Jodie Marsh: Bullied' thing, but today we've been totally sidetracked by her shoes.

Jodie Marsh made sure she stood out as she appeared on This Morning today, sporting a snakeskin suit and skull …

The 34-year-old appeared on This Morning to chat about her documentary, wearing a snakeskin suit and THESE insane skull heels.

Towering above Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield in the 8-inch platforms, Jodie looked totally unfazed by the health and safety issues attached to her feet.

The heels were designed by Lady GaGa's shoe designer, Kermit Tesoro, and cost around £600.

Tweeting a snap of the shoes, Jodie added: "Look!!! These are the shoes I had made for me by Lady Gaga's shoe designer!!! #amazing"

Jodie Marsh's skull heels were made by Lady GaGa's shoes designer, Kermit Tesoro. Copyright [Splash]

Jodie took to Twitter late last night to ask her followers what she should wear - which apparently led to her M&S snakeskin ensemble and crazy heels.

She tweeted: "What should I wear for @itvthismorning tomorrow then? A trouser suit or

a lovely long dress? And hair up or hair down? You decide ;-) x x [sic]"

Jodie spoke with Holly and Phil about her show, admitting that she was close to suicide when she was bullied as a teenager.

She said: "I considered it loads of times and the key message here is as a young person at school you think - and certainly I thought this - there’s nothing more out there, that this is your life, that’s it, you’re never going go have friends, you will always be picked on."

Jodie Marsh spoke to This Morning about how being bullied almost led her to suicide. Copyright [Splash]

"You don’t realise there’s a whole big world out there and that it is a lovely place."

Jodie flew to America for the documentary, revealing that 70 per cent of shootings are carried out by young people who have been bullied.

She added: "I truly believe the only reason we don’t have school shootings here is because we don’t have guns."

Jodie Marsh: Bullied, Channel 5 on Thursday April 4 and Thursday April 11.

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