Jodie Marsh shows off boobs in string bikini, makes us wish we were on holiday

The weather in the UK may be frightful, but in Barbados for Jodie Marsh it looks delightful.

Jodie and her boobs soaked up the sun. Copyright [Twitter/JodieMarsh]

The glamour model has escaped the country and can currently be found sunning herself on the sovereign island.

And what better way to make us all jealous than to post copious amounts of pictures of herself lying on a beach?

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Jodie Marsh decided to start her own trend of #jodiebikiniwatch before sharing an onslaught of boob filled snaps.

Announcing the hashtag, Jodie posted a picture of herself looking rather smug (we would be too) in a tiny blue bikini to the backdrop of a heavenly looking beach.

She wrote:  “Oi oi guess what..... #jodiebikiniwatch is back! Yes Folks. Two whole weeks of posing on a sun lounger. :-) x x

Jodie's surroundings beat the UK hands down. Copyright [Twitter/JodieMarsh]

One picture, which shows Jodie’s bronzed legs and bikini area was accompanied by the caption: “On a very crowded beach :-) x”

Of course even Jodie Marsh knows you can have too much of a good thing, eventually posting her final snap.

Jodie knew when enough was enough. Copyright [Twitter/JodieMarsh]

Alongside the picture Jodie wrote: “Last one for now cos I need to catch some rays. I’ll post more later. Love you #jodiebikiniwatch x x x x”

We look forward to the sequel snaps as we sit by our office windows looking out at the rain.