Jodie Marsh shocks us by NOT getting naked, but dresses as dominatrix in RIDIC boots instead

Jodie Marsh is very rarely anything other than naked. Yesterday she tweeted a photo of her naked back and bum which, frankly, was too much to cope with early in the morning.

Jodie MarshHowever, today Jodie Marsh shocked us by NOT getting naked for a TV appearance. However, she couldn't just wear a normal outfit. That'd be too boring for Jodie.

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No, she had to dress in PVC dominatrix gear and wear the most RIDICULOUS boots we've seen in our lives. Seriously. Have a look.

Jodie Marsh wore PVC leggings too. Copyright [Rex]See, we told you. How on earth Jodie Marsh managed to stay upright let alone walk in the massive platform boots is beyond us.

As for the dominatrix style PVC leggings, we're no prudes but even we think it's a tad too much for daytime TV.

Jodie Marsh tweeted this photo of her boots. Copyright [Jodie Marsh]

Jodie Marsh seemed to like her outfit though, tweeting: "Heading off to ITV soon to do a bit of filming. Wearing the most insane boots in the world. Will tweet a pic later. You'll love :-)"

Err, love is going a bit far.

Jodie MarshJodie Marsh tweeted this photo yesterday. Copyright [Jodie Marsh]She continued: "On route to ITV to film something fun. Am dressed like a superhero. One that wears PVC and fetish gear. Hahaha ;-)"

Still, we think we prefer her fetish gear to yesterdays' naked 'look at my bum' Twitpic.