Jodie Marsh says Katie Price’s new husband Kieran Hayler was OBSESSED with HER for seven months. Uh oh.

It's no secret that Jodie Marsh and Katie Price aren't the best of friends, but recently they've managed to hold off from publicly slating each other.

Jodie Marsh has claimed Kieran Hayler was obsessed with her before Katie PriceJodie Marsh has claimed Kieran Hayler was obsessed with her before Katie Price. Copyright [WENN/Jodie Marsh]However, after Jodie Marsh's new claims that Katie Price's new husband Kieran Hayler was actually obsessed with HER for seven months, we can't imagine Katie being that impressed.

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Jodie Marsh told heat magazine that Kieran Hayler hounded her on Twitter before he met Katie Price.

She said: "[Kieran] was obsessed with me. There were a lot of people saying to me ‘Oh he really likes you Jodie, why don’t you follow him and give him a chance?’ And I felt a bit pressured to follow him back."

Jodie MarshJodie Marsh has said Katie Price's new husband is 'fame hungry'. Copyright [Splash]She continued: "I [followed him back] but only for a short time because his messages were incessant. I started to believe he was just one of these ‘party boys’ - boys who just wanted to get with someone to get famous."

Jodie Marsh went on to claim that Kieran Hayler even sent her a photo of himself wearing nothing but a pair of pants. This is hardly surprising seeing as he regularly posts topless photos of himself and appeared in Eastenders playing the part of a stripper.

Katie Price and Kieran HaylerKatie Price and Kieran Hayler got married last week. Copyright [Katie Price]That aside, Jodie finished up by saying she feels sorry for Katie Price. Uh oh.

She said: "I almost feel a bit sorry for her, dare I say it?"

Oh no you didn't. We can just picture Katie Price FUMING over that remark.

Katie and Kieran got married last week after just two months of dating. Despite the whirlwind romance, Kieran seems pretty infatuated with Katie, tweeting her: "@MissKatiePrice could not be happier with my gorgeous wife.You really are the most amazing person and you make me smile so much. I love you!"