Jodie Marsh reveals shocking boob job scars

Jodie Marsh has changed her body in many ways over the years, most recently turning into a bodybuilder with a six-pack, but her breast enlargement surgery has scarred her. Literally.

The model posed for this week's heat magazine, revealing the shocking scarring she's suffered.

She explained: "I initially had a boob job because they were getting saggier as I got older. I'd lie on my back and they'd disappear. To me, they looked hideous. But it turned into a nightmare.

"When I woke up, they were so swollen. I couldn't move. The first dressing was taken off after a week or so — that's when I saw that I wasn't healing. My boob was open and bleeding."

Jodie goes onto explain she had the "lollipop procedure," where the nipple is taken off and put back on, with stitches from the bottom of the nipple downwards.

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Jodie Marsh reveals her breast enlargement scares / heat magazine

The healing process went wrong for Jodie: "As the stitches started popping out of my skin, there was no skin to hold the incision together. My boobs looked like they were exploding. It was so painful. There was green pus coming out of my boobs and they constantly bled. I was so scared."


Jodie admits she spent days crying over her botched boob job.

It has had a lasting effect on her: "It has left me with a huge scar that will never go away. At first, I was so embarrassed in front of boyfriends I wouldn't take my top off."

She added: "I want to get them reduced, but I'm too frightened. I couldn't cope with that happening again. I wish I'd never had them done. People should realise that every boob job has the potential to become a horror story."

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