Jodie Marsh gets her ACTUAL bits out in Twitter photo. Too far. Way too far.

We all know that Jodie Marsh likes to flaunt her body on Twitter, but we think this photo of her ACTUAL bits might just be taking things a bit too far. Seriously.

Jodie Marsh posted this VERY revealing photo of her private parts yesterday. Copyright [Jodie Marsh]Jodie Marsh posted a photo of herself wearing tiny underwear which featured a cut-away section exposing her lady parts.

The glamour model posted the very revealing snap on Instagram without a caption - presumably letting the photo do all the talking.

Jodie Marsh also posted this revealing photo of her boobs this week. Copyright [Jodie Marsh]But it seems that shortly after posting the snap (and retweeting a bunch of 'you're so fit' comments,) she had a change of heart, and deleted the photo from her Instagram account.

Perhaps she realised the full extent of flesh on display in the photo.

It followed another revealing photo that Jodie posted a couple of days ago, showing her dressed in just a string bikini top, her boobs out for everyone to see.

Jodie Marsh insisted this week that she's 'entirely natural'. Copyright [Jodie Marsh]She posted this snap with the caption: "Hello boys." Obviously.

We can't really criticise Jodie for wanting to show off her amazing body because she has worked blimmin' hard to achieve it with grueling bodybuilding work out and diet regimes.

In fact, in an exclusive interview with Yahoo! omg! this week, Jodie Marsh defended herself against claims that she takes steroids.

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The star said: "Anyone who knows anything about health and nutrition would know that I am not on steroids and am all natural and it takes a lot of hard work to get a body like this.

"Why slag someone off who is achieving something amazing? I am the champion of America in bodybuilding, I won over there and that is my biggest achievement to date."

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