Jodie Marsh matches her bikini to her hair, and that is all there is to see here folks

Jodie Marsh clearly has excellent colour coordination skills judging by this snap:

How er, Christmassy. Copyright: [ZOO]

Yep, and that is ALL we have to say about this photo.

Move along now, nothing more to see here.

Well, apart from her OUTRAGEOUS boobs and RIDICULOUSLY teeny bikini *and perhaps the fact it looks like she has moss protruding from it...).

Is it just us, or is it a little early to be encountering such sights?

And if you kind of like gawping at Jodie, then you will be pleased to hear that she plans to keep you er, updated on a daily basis over the festive period.

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Y'see, the star is in Barbados for Christmas and New Year and has vowed to get #bikiniwatch trending on Twitter.

Jodie told Zoo: “I’m going to be in Barbados for New Year, there’s going to be a lot of sunbathing too, so look out for more #bikiniwatch on Twitter…”

So while you are knee deep in sprouts and bread sauce, you can always take a moment to keep tabs on Jodie Marsh's bikini status.

Well, what could possibly be more festive?!

And Jodie kicked things off yesterday with this jel inducing snap:

Jodie and her boobs soaked up the sun. Copyright [Twitter/JodieMarsh]

And to be honest, it's not even the glorious weather, more just the fact Jodie is having a rest from the never ending panic shopping and sprout peeling.

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