Jodie Marsh hits back at Kirk Norcross for pressuring her to have sex

Earlier today, we were shocked to read that Kirk Norcross had decided to end his relationship with Jodie Marsh because she wouldn't have sex with him.

Jodie MarshJodie Marsh has hit back at Kirk Norcross' comments. Copyright [WENN]We thought it seemed a bit harsh, and now Jodie Marsh has had her say on Twitter, slamming Kirk Norcross for pressuring her to have sex with him.

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Jodie hit out on Twitter, saying: "A ten year friendship ruined cos I wouldn't have sex. Real men don't pressure women. And they don't sell stories on them either.. #desperate."

Jodie Marsh and Kirk Norcross kissingJodie Marsh and Kirk Norcross seemed to be getting on well. Copyright [Jodie Marsh]She went on to say that she felt hurt about Kirk selling his story:"Dumped cos I wouldn't immediately have sex, stories sold on me, lies told about me. All this & I thought we were friends #Hurt."

Kirk told Reveal that he felt like 'a 13 year old' because Jodie wouldn't sleep with him.

He said: "Jodie was always teasing me and she'd talk about sex all the time. One day I had enough and texted her asking if we were ever going to have sex. I felt like I was 13 again — going around to a girl's house and just kissing on the sofa."

Jodie Marsh on the beachJodie Marsh has been chilling out on holiday. Copyright [Jodie Marsh]However, Jodie Marsh has stuck up for girls everywhere by tweeting: "The moral of this story is you should ALWAYS wait til you're ready to have sex with someone. If they like you enough they'll wait for you x"

We couldn't agree more Jodie. Go girl.

Kirk Norcross took to Twitter to respond to Jodie's comments, saying: "Get over it! We was never 2gether love! Never talked or thought about it! It was nothing! Get over it! Just done the story to tell the truth. People say in selling stories! DO ONE! I didnt sell a story I just replied to one! And I told the truth! If you wanna hate F*** OFF!" [sic]