Jodie Marsh gets half naked for gym workout, denies using steroids

Jodie Marsh is back to training hard at the gym, and BOY is she letting us know about it.

Jodie MarshJodie Marsh tweeted a series of photos from her workout. Copyright [Jodie Marsh]

Jodie Marsh has tweeted a series of photos of herself half-naked in her gym kit, showing herself in the middle of a work out session.

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Jodie decided to wear a bikini for her gym session which showed off her boobs and insanely toned stomach.

Jodie Marsh showed off her muscles. Copyright [Jodie Marsh]The first photo Jodie tweeted showed her back muscles, which was accompanied by the caption: "Obviously this is extreme but this is competition training. I LOVE training my back #closeyoureyesandfeelit."

The second showed her in ANOTHER bikini, training her back a bit more.

Jodie Marsh was focusing on training her back. Copyright [Jodie Marsh]The next couple of snaps showed Jodie sitting down at some gym equipment (we're not going to even attempt to pretend we know what the equipment is called, we haven't been to the gym since 2000)

The first photo was of her back again, which was posted alongside the caption: "Here's me in action training my back for a comp."

Jodie Marsh has been forced to deny she takes steroids. Copyright [Jodie Marsh]The final snap showed a front view of Jodie's muscly stomach as she pulled her best 'concentration' face.

However, after posting the stream of half naked Twitpics flaunting her incredible body, Jodie Marsh was forced to deny that she's taking steroids.

She tweeted: "Saying I do steroids: 1. Showing your own ignorance 2. Massive compliment cos you're saying I look so good it can't possibly be real! Xx"