Jodie Marsh might think she's fat, but she looks pretty thin to us in these new topless gym pictures - oh, and she's NOT one of those celebs who works out without make-up on

Jodie Marsh might have revealed today that she often thinks she's fat and "out of shape" - but that won't stop her taking pictures of herself topless in the gym.

Jodie Marsh reckons she looks fat, but that didn't stop her from showing off her thin tummy in the gym this afternoon. …

Striking a pose in just her bra (we wouldn't call it a bra, it's more like a belt across her boobs) and showing off her thin tummy, Jodie certainly doesn't look ashamed of her size or weight.

The 34-year-old had a little solo twitpic spree this evening, uploading four pictures of herself posing with a Swiss ball - which she apparently constitutes as 'working out'.

Clearly not one of those celebs who goes to the gym without make-up, Jodie was sporting a face full of foundation and heavily made-up eyes and false lashes for her workout.

Jodie Marsh clearly isn't a fan of working out without make-up on. Copyright [Jodie Marsh]

Along with the snaps, she tweeted: "Give me your best gym pose ;-) #allabouttheballs

"This is my second home and I LOVE it :-) I'm feeling strong today. Lifting heavy x x x"

Today Jodie revealed that her bodybuilding obsession has given her body dysmorphia, meaning she thinks she's fat when she's bigger than a size 0.

She admitted: "It sounds crazy, but when I look in the mirror, I see someone who is fat and out of shape.

Jodie Marsh apparently worries about her weight and diet after increasing from a size 0 and 7st 8lbs to a size …

"Bodybuilding has given me body dysmorphia - I’ve seen myself at my physical best and this is not it."

Jodie apparently thinks any weight over 7st 8lbs is too heavy for her - and she currently weighs just 8st 8lbs.

She revealed: "At my peak, my body fat falls to five per cent, and I drop to 7st 8lb and a size zero."

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Charlotte Crosby is obviously chuffed with her dramatic weight loss. Copyright: [Instagram]
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