Jodie Marsh celebrates Christmas in Barbados, wears appropriately festive bikini

Jodie Marsh celebrated Christmas this year in the only way she knew how- by posing in a tiny festive bikini.

Christmas, Jodie Marsh style. Copyright [Twitter/Jodie Marsh]

Only Jodie Marsh eh?

The body builder is still currently on holiday in Barbados and decided to send season’s greetings to her followers from a sun kissed beach.

Tweeting a picture of herself in a red bikini with a white fur trim, Jodie seemed rather happy with her hot and sunny surroundings this Christmas day.

Alongside the picture Jodie tweeted: “Merry Christmas everyone :-) x x x x”

Earlier on in the day, Jodie Marsh shared more pictures of herself on the beach, this time in a zebra print bikini and a newly acquired Santa’s hat.

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Although it would seem that the model wasn’t quite sold on the head wear.

She tweeted alongside the photo:  “So I bought this white Santa hat thinking it was cute but I look more like Wee Willie Winkie hahaha @HarlequinBikini x”

Wee Willie Jodie? The model wasn't sold on her hat. Copyright [Twitter/Jodie Marsh]

We’re not sure we’ve ever seen Wee Willie Winkie wearing a skimpy Zebra print bikini before but we can see where she was going with this one.

Jodie Marsh also revealed her Christmas wish list for next year, which included the company of one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

She admitted: “All I want for Christmas is Ryan Gosling lying next to me in Barbados. Haha. I don't think that's a big ask?! X x x”

Well you never know Jodie, after seeing these snaps Ryan may well want to be spending next year with you.

Although we’re not sure that girlfriend Eva Mendes would be particularly happy about that.