Jodie Marsh accused of supporting terrorism, HUH?!

Jodie Marsh has had a tough few days on Twitter. First of all, she had a public spat with Jonathon Ross, and now she's facing even more serious accusations.

Jodie MarshJodie Marsh has been forced to deny her fitness product supports terrorism. Copyright [Jodie Marsh]

Jodie Marsh was forced to deny that she supports terrorism, in a Twitter rant that left us scratching our heads and thinking 'HUH?!'

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Jodie has been promoting her supplement product, which is called Semtex. Semtex also happens to be the name of an explosive which has been used in terrorist attacks - all of which seems a bit serious.

Jodie Marsh ran into trouble promoting her product Semtex. Copyright [Jodie Marsh]As she promoted the product, Twitter users suggested that using the name Semtex was supporting and promoting terrorism.

Uh Oh.

Jodie took to Twitter to deny the accusations.

She said: "I apologise if I have unwittingly upset anybody with the use of the name Semtex for my product. Obviously, I am completely against any form of terrorism – and wish to make it clear that I have never had any intention to upset any families of the victims of atrocities."

Jodie Marsh has already had a public spat with Jonathon Ross this week. copyrigth [Jodie Marsh]She continued: "I am a renowned anti-bullying campaigner. And terrorism can be seen as a form of bullying, as it is the use of force or coercion to intimidate others. So my disgust at terrorism should be clear."

Blimmin heck.

The Twitter rant follows a MASSIVE falling out with Jonathon Ross. Jodie Marsh encouraged her followers to tweet Jonathon to allow Jodie on his show to promote her anti-bullying documentary.

The campaign ended with Jonathon telling Jodie she'd NEVER be able to come on the show, and accused her followers of bullying him.

We reckon Jodie should go back to bikini Twitpics. They were much more fun.