JLS perform just for omg!, we swoon and drool and then swoon again

Last night omg! threw a party and who popped by to perform? Well, none other than flippin' JLS!

We partied with JLS! Copyright: [rex]

This was quite possibly the most exciting to to happen to omg! EVER and we might have got just a little bit carried away with the cocktails.

Well, do you blame us? JLS singing and dancing just for us... at our own party?!

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These boys have performed on some of the biggest stages in the world but last night it was just for Team omg!

We still can't quite believe it.

A very exciting moment for Team omg! Copyright: [rex]

The boys performed loads of our fave hits including Eyes Wide Shut (yes, we had our hands up in the air) and new single Hottest Girl.

Which incidentally, Aston says is his fave JLS song! Ours too we reckon.

We definitely hadn't anticipated just how hot the boys would be in the flesh and they were dancing literally inches in front of us.

And just how amazing are JLS at dancing?

Our swoon levels were seriously rocketing at this point.

Plus, our ed Julia interviewed the boys on stage and you can catch the whole thing again later on today!

This was a VERY exciting moment for Team omg! Copyright: [rex]

Now excuse us while we go grab some paracetamol.

*seriously regrets last cocktail*