JLS’ Aston EXCLUSIVE: ‘People have sent me abusive messages – I’ve had to toughen up a lot’

What with JLS' Aston Merrygold's rippling torso, army of fans and hot looks it's no doubt many men would be jealous but  surely that's no reason to fire hatred in his direction but that's exactly what's happened.


Cher Lloyd recently spoke about her battle against online bullies and now Aston has told omg! that he's also experienced abusive messages.

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"Of course people have sent stuff to me," Aston revealed. "But if anyone does throw hate towards me or my fellow band mates, we use it we make ourselves stronger."

But he knows it's not always that easy for other people which is why the singer is supporting the BeatBullying charity.

And Aston has some sound advice on getting to grips with nasty online tourments…

"JLS have got some amazing fans who support us through anything but I have the same advice for anyone else who is getting mean comments.

jlsAston tries not to read anything written about JLS / WENN

"You've got to think these are people have no heart they're trying to put messages on line to hurt you

"They've got nothing better to do then sit on line and send out tweets. Comment on something that you are clearly very good at. It's something you have to take with a pinch of salt.

"I ignore it and I get to the point where I focus on the good things. I use that in the way in my performance and I give the passion and drive towards it."

Such strength has come from time in the industry as Aston reveled it hasn't' always been that way…

jls aston fansJLS' Aston said the bands have got some amazing fans /WENN

"I definitely had to toughen up before I came into the industry but it's got to a point now where people have a certain opinion about me I can't change that.

"I'm just going to be me and do the best I can do.

"Some people obviously have their own opinion on us,  the boys have got alerts whenever JLS is written about online I don't have that I personally as I haven't  got time to read everything that's written about us.

"I'm the type of person are my three friends (Marvin, JB and Ortise) are the kind of people who don't take it to heart."

Well  boys, we don't think we could EVER say a bad way about any of you.

Aston supports Beatbullying's The Big March — where avatars around the world digitally march to deliver a petition to a virtual United Nations building in New York asking that they make it a child's right to live a life free from bullying. For more information see beatbullying.org