JLS’ Aston EXCLUSIVE: ‘Olly Murs and I are single out of choice’

When men come as hot as JLS' Aston Merrygold and Olly Murs it's hard to believe they don't have girlfriends, but as baffling as it is, both boys are single.


omg! were lucky enough to talk to Aston and naturally we had to ask why he hadn't already been snapped up and if we had a chance, (well, it would have been rude not to!)

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He told us: "I'm single out of choice, unless there is anyone interested? [Cue a hoard of women]

"And I think Olly Murs is single out of choice too, he's just done an arena tour and that's full on!

But it's a big choice to make, especially as so many fans would love to be the boys' girlfriends… we had to get Aston to elaborate.

He added: "This is going to sound so bad and don't mean any disrespect to people in relationships but right now I want to experience everything.

aston-merrygold-jlsJLS' Aston Merrygold told us he's single by choice /WENN

"When I'm on tour I want to get the whole tour vibe, I want to get the whole backstage vibe I don't want to be on the phone to a girlfriend.

"I want to be with the boys, with my dancers with the security team, with management all of it.

"This could all go tomorrow and I don't want to be sitting there on the phone talking about how was your day for two hours."

But Aston we'd happily sit on the phone for two hours and more listening to you!

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