Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson seems down after trolls say she is ‘fat, ugly and useless’, we send hugs

Jesy Nelson has become a new target for internet trolls who took to Twitter to tell her she is 'fat, ugly and useless'.

Jesy posted this confident snap o yesterday only to become the target of trolls. Copyright: [Twitter]

And it looks like Jesy might be letting comments like this get to her, after she posted what had been said on her personal Twitter timeline:

Jesy said: "Just got asked how it feels to be fat, ugly, and useless.."

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However, after she posted it she was bombarded with positive messages from fans saying that she is well, quite the opposite of those comments.

But we know that it only takes one person or comment to really give your confidence a knock.

And just hours after the comments, Mel B posed a picture of Jesy looking hot with the rest of the Little Mix girls to further prove the troll wrong:

Mel B posted this snap on Twitter of the girls on Australian X Factor. Copyright: [Twitter]

But we are worried that Jesy is taking notice of harsh comments.

We have been saying for a while that Jesy is pretty much shrinking before our very eyes.

Especially after these recent pictures of her out clubbing with band mate Leigh-Anne Pinnock:

Jesy was looking super slim on a night out recently. Copyright: [wenn]

And internet trolls are not something just Jesy has to put up with, it seems celeb land is blighted with them.

Only recently, Adele faced sick comments about the birth of her baby son with one Twiter user saying they bet the baby was 'fat and disabled'.

Earlier in the summer Tom Daley faced the wrath of trolls after his performance at the Olympics.

Some of the nastier trolls even made reference to his Dad who sadly died last year.