Jessie J is very brave to shave her head for Red Nose Day, says Pixie Lott- exclusive

Pixie Lott has commended Jessie J on her pledge to shave her head in a bid to raise money for this year’s Comic Relief.

Pixie thinks Jessie is very brave to be shaving her head for Comic Relief. Copyright [Wenn/BBC]

Talking exclusively to omg! today, the 22-year-old singer was surprised to hear of Jessie’s decision to go under the shears.

She told us: “Wow, go Jessie! That is quite a move.

“I think [she can pull it off]. I think it is a very brave and bold move but it’s for such a great cause and she has a lot of guts doing it.”

Asked whether she would ever consider shaving her head for the BBC flagship charity gala, Pixie admitted that she wouldn't say no.

She revealed: “I would never say never. If it raises a lot of money then it’s worth it, I always think that hair grows.

“Recently I cut my hair a lot shorter than it was because I know that hair grows back if I didn’t like it. Why not?”

So you never know, sometime in the not too distant future, Pixie Lott could be sporting a radically new ‘do.

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Pixie has also been involved with this year's Comic Relief recently returning from a trip to Zambia for the programme.

Pixe is involved in this year's Comic Relief. Copyright [Wenn]

Talking about the trip, Pixie admitted that the experience had been a heart warming one.

She said: “It was amazing, it was the first time I’ve ever done something like that and I’ve always wanted to so it was great to get the opportunity to do that and it’s just very eye opening and heart-warming.

“I went out there to see the work that Comic Relief had done rather than it being a sad thing, it was a positive story to see all the help they’ve done.

“The people there are just so grateful and so happy. It was definitely more of a positive story.”

Pixie was promoting the new Blackberry Z10 earlier today.

Today, Pixie Lott was at Phones 4 U, promoting the release of the new Blackberry Z10 in white, for which she dressed appropriately.

She said: “For the occasion I’m wearing everything white. White in my hair, white shoes white dress, white nails.”

As she was talking to us at a phone launch, we thought it only appropriate ask what App she couldn’t live without.

Pixie admitted: “Does Twitter count as an app? I do like to tweet to keep everyone involved.”

Pixie Lott was at Phones 4u this today to unveil the brand new BlackBerry Z10, with Phones 4u offering it in white before anyone else.


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