Jessie J sued over Domino copyright claim. Ooo.

Jessie J's hit single 'Domino' is one of our favourite of the British singer's tracks.

Jessie JJessie J is being sued by another artist. Copyright [Big]

But now The Voice star is being sued after ANOTHER act claimed the song infringes copyright of one of their tracks.

Lawyers for Californian based artist Will Loomis say that there are "substantially similar compositional elements" between Jessie J's song 'Domino' and his hit 'Bright Red Chords'.

They claim that Jessie  got an unfair commercial advantage through selling millions of hits off the back of the song.

Jessie J, Will LoomisWill Loomis is suing Jessie J over Domino. Copyright [Wenn]

The attorney said: "Loomis never consented to the use of his song.We look forward to obtaining an appropriate remedy"

"Will Loomis is a rising star in the music business. [Bright Red Chords] is among Loomis's most popular [songs]. It was written in 2008 and rapidly gained popularity."

The artist himself has written about the likeness between the two songs, referencing Jessie's performance at the Diamond Jubilee concert earlier this month.

He posted: "When I wrote this melody in my garage I never imagined it would be sung for the King and Queen of England and I especially never imagined it would be sung by Jessie J."

And in April the singer uploaded a video to YouTube which pointed out the similarities between the two song. The video has since been taken down.

Jessie released the song back in December - and achieved her second number one with the track.

His legal case was filed in California and it's expected he is seeking a jury trial and around £100,000 in damages.

Jessie J's representatives are yet to comment.

Have a listen to Jessie J's Domino and Loomis & The Lust Bright Red Chords and see what YOU think...