Jessie J slams Rihanna’s use of Instagram and Twitter, later backtracks on remarks

Rihanna has never been one to shy away from posting what she has been up to on Twitter and Instagram.

Jessie made a veiled swipe at Rihanna. Copyright [Wenn/Rihanna]

Of late, this has mainly consisted of sitting around in next to nothing, smoking cigarettes.

And now it seems that one fellow pop star isn’t impressed with Rihanna’s antics.

Jessie J took to Twitter the other day, taking a not so veiled swipe at the ‘Diamonds’ singer.

The ‘Price Tag’ songstress posted on her official page: “I'm bored... Maybe I should get naked and smoke and take pictures of myself and post them on instagram? Or NOT... *rolls eyes* (sic)”

Wow, don’t hold back Jessie.

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However, later on Jessie returned to Twitter to seemingly take back her previous comment.

She wrote: “I'm going to be honest. My tweet about instagram was NOT aimed at anyone inparticular. (sic)”

No offence Jessie but it clearly was.

Jessie may deny it but she pretty much described this picture. Copyright [Instagram/Rihanna]

How many other famous faces have posted pictures of themselves that fit your description other than Rihanna?

Luckily for Jessie, Rihanna either didn’t see her scathing tweet OR simply chose to ignore it.

However, instead of continuing to post scantily clad pictures of herself Rihanna spent today uploading pictures from her past.

Clearly in reflective mood, Rihanna posted pictures from the start of her career, captioning the snaps “#babyriri.”

Look how innocent she used to look:

Rihanna looks a lot different these days. Copyright [Instagram/Rihanna]

She's actually covered up!

It just goes to show that a lot can change in seven years.