Jessie J posts on set picture of The Voice series two, we rejoice as the spinning chairs return

We are now officially excited for The Voice series two after coach Jessie J tweeted this picture of herself on set.

Jessie was either on set or had pinched the spinning chair for her livng room. Copyright [Instgram/isthatjessi …

Although we don’t know what we find more exciting.

The fact that Jessie has changed her look AGAIN or that the spinning chairs are back.

The blind auditions were everyone’s favourite part of the first series with viewing figures managing to top those of rival show Britain’s Got Talent during their run.

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However, things became unstuck for the show when the chairs became static during the battle rounds and the live episodes with viewing figures plummeting.

Bosses confirmed at the end of the series that they had made a mistake and that the chairs will become a lot more prominent throughout the entire show this time around.

As would say, that’s dope.

Jessie previously tweeted her first day backstage. Copyright [Instagram/isthatjessiej]

Coach Jessie J is looking rather pleased to back on the show in the picture but was less happy the other day following an uproar on Twitter after she decided to push back the dates of her tour.

After the announcement was made, Jessie tried to calm her upset fans down by explaining why the dates had been moved.

She posted: "My album will not be out beforehand so if I did new songs you wouldn't know them.

"I understand some of you are as disappointed as am I. Music and art cannot be rushed. I promise it will be worth the wait."

However, Jessie J was then faced with a barrage of abuse from her followers with one tweeting: “Music and art cannot be rushed...' get over yourself! #prat."

Jessie responded to the tweets with what seemed like a threat to quit Twitter.

She wrote: "Most of my TL [time line] is filled with tweets like the last 3 I tweeted. Hence why I'm not on Twitter much anymore. Just being honest."

Well considering she has posted this new snap, we’ll take that as an idle threat.