Jessie J goes on a Twitter rant about Twitter (yes we’re confused too)

Jessie J has launched an almighty Twitter rant this afternoon - slamming people’s use of the social networking site.

Jessie went on a rant about Twitter this afternoon. Copyright [Instagram/ Jessie J]

Seemingly prompted by an abusive tweet received, Jessie kick-started her rant by using a light hearted approach.

She wrote: “You send a nasty comment yet you follow me?... Lol. Will always baffle me!”

Returning to the site twenty minutes later, Jessie J then got serious, addressing her fans who she claimed tweet her everyday asking for social help.

She wrote: “I have always been honest with my fans. And a few of you tweet me constantly everyday saying "Jessie help me I have no friends”.

“And my response is blunt and honest because I genuinely care. But being on twitter constantly everyday isn't going to let you grow as a person..

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“Nor is it going to improve social skills to make friends face to face with people...

“I know I can't win. And I can't make everyone happy but I will always be honest even if some don't agree. Live your life in real life. Not online. Its not a fact its just my opinion. That's all x”

The singer had previously tweeted six hours before: “If your whole life is twitter. Sadly you don't have a life. You have twitter. Only you can change that.”

That’s a lot of Twitter use coming from a person who clearly doesn’t like Twitter.

Jessie showed off her new haircut today (on Twitter!) too. Copyright [Instagram/ Jessie J]

Meanwhile in Jessie J land, The Voice judge showed off the latest in a long line of hairdos.

Ditching her trademark fringe but also getting rid of her long wavy locks of recent weeks, the ‘Domino’ star Instagrammed a snap of herself with the new barnet.

And it seems that this time around she’s going for the sultry look, as she added a sweeping fringe to her ongoing collection of differing ‘dos.


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